Are you looking for an exciting career in a courier service? You would deliver urgent packages. You would also deliver important documents. Working as a professional courier allows you to meet new people on the road daily and earn handsomely. But before starting the fast-paced job, you must first meet key criteria. You must also have the right qualifications. This includes licensing and background checks. What are the least skills needed commercial courier?

Commercial Courier

Age and Driving Experience

The age requirement for courier companies in major cities depends on local laws. Applicants in major companies in Canada require at least 18 or 21 years of age. Proven driving experience of 2-3 years or more is also vital depending on existing difference between private and regular shipping services. It is better if you are familiar with navigating busy city streets and highways. It is also better if you are familiar with different weather. New drivers are often not considered.

Licensing and Credentials

Drivers must have valid state-issued licenses. The licenses must fit the driven vehicles. Driving delivery vans or trucks requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Some employers provide training. It helps workers get this credential. However, many want applicants who have finished CDL training outside the company. You may also need added endorsements, for example, for transporting hazardous materials.

Insurance and Driving Record

Contracted couriers must have personal auto insurance. They must use it for their vehicles. We scrutinize driving history reports. They show infractions, claims, and license suspensions. Too many incidents usually disqualify candidates. Many courier services mandate at least 3-5 years of clean records. Applicants must consent to verification. 

Physical Abilities

You need physical stamina for extended urban driving. You also need it to lift heavy packages. This stamina is crucial. The ability to repeatedly maneuver and lift 50 pounds or more is often required. Companies may request medical exams or physical testing. They do this to confirm capabilities before hiring new couriers.

Reliability and Communication Skills

Working following dispatch protocols requires focus. It also requires accountability. Couriers must take direction. They must provide updates and follow procedures. They must also deliver great customer service. Strong communication and problem-solving abilities are highly valued. Tech skills are also increasingly essential. You need them to use routing apps and tracking systems.

Criminal Background Checks

Employers usually screen couriers for a long criminal history. They have access to clients’ homes and high-value cargo. Background checks ensure integrity and trust. Many companies also require pre-employment and random drug testing during employment.

The Difference Between Couriers and Basic Shipping

Unlike regular postal carriers or retail shipping clerks, commercial courier undergo extensive training. They do this to provide better delivery services. This includes:

  • Expedited same-day and overnight transport
  • Safe handling of specialized items
  • White glove hand-offs to recipients
  • Custom shipping solutions

Couriers meet tough hiring benchmarks. This gives them the expertise to reliably transport urgent, sensitive, and high-value packages. They offer more accountable delivery. This is better than typical shipping.


Working as a courier takes some background and effort. But it offers an exciting and rewarding career. Only those who earn their CDL can do it. They must drive safely. They must pass checks and meet fitness requirements. You could work as a commercial courier. But, you must meet the licensing, training, and background requirements. With your skills and dedication, you could deliver important packages. Contact Courier Services today and get your quote now.