Have you ever met someone who thinks a lot about themselves and doesn’t understand how others feel? It is called narcissism. Sometimes, these people need help to change these habits. But don’t worry! The internet brings us online counselling, a great way to help. In this article, we will tell you about five ways online counselling can help people with narcissism. We’ll talk about how it helps them understand themselves better, learn to care about others’ feelings, control their actions, make friends more easily, and not feel bad about getting help. Are you ready to explore this with us? Let’s go!


How Does Online Counselling Treat Narcissism?

Online counselling helps people understand their feelings better.

Have you ever looked into a mirror and wondered what you feel? Sometimes, people with narcissism don’t understand their feelings very well. Online counselling can help with that. It’s like having a guide on a journey inside their minds. 

The counsellor helps them know what they are feeling and why. It can help them realize when they are being too self-focused. Understanding their feelings can be the first step in understanding others’ feelings.

Online counselling teaches people how to care about others’ feelings.

Sometimes, people with narcissism find it hard to understand or care about what others are feeling. Imagine not knowing if your friend is upset or why. It can make friendships difficult. But online counselling can help here too. Online experienced counsellors can teach them ways to understand others’ feelings better. They can learn to think about how their actions might make others feel. This way, they can become better friends and family members.

Online counselling helps people control their actions.

Do you ever do things without thinking about the consequences? For people with narcissism, this happens a lot. They might say or do things that hurt others without realizing it. Online counselling can help by teaching them to think before they act. It’s like having a mental traffic light, telling them when to stop and think. It can help them avoid doing things that might upset others.

Online counselling helps people make friends more easily.

Having friends is important, right? But people with narcissism often find it hard to make or keep friends. Online counselling can teach them how to be better at friendships. They learn how to share, listen, and be kind. It’s like learning the rules of a new game. Once they understand how to play, they can start winning—that means having better friendships.

Online counselling takes away the worry about getting help.

Getting help can be scary. Some people worry about what others might think if they see a counsellor. But with online counselling, they don’t have to worry. They can talk to their professional counsellor from home, where it’s private. Nobody has to know unless they want to tell. It makes it easier for them to get the help they need without feeling embarrassed or scared. It’s like having a personal coach who’s always there, just a few clicks away.


So, we’ve seen how online counselling can be really helpful for people dealing with narcissism. It’s like a toolkit that teaches them to think about others, control their actions, and make better friendships. And the best part? It doesn’t matter where you live or how busy you are; you can get this help online. If you know someone who could use this help, or if it sounds like something you need, why not try online counselling? Remember, asking for help is a brave thing to do, and it can lead to a happier life. Let’s start a lifelong journey to health and wellness.